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PIC32MX: Digital InputsPIC32MX: Digital OutputsPIC32MX: Driving a Stepper Motor
PIC32MX: Encoder Motor ControlPIC32MX: FFT of Analog InputPIC32MX: High-speed Wireless Communication
PIC32MX: I2CPIC32MX: I2C Communication between PIC32sPIC32MX: I2C DAC
PIC32MX: I2C EEPROMPIC32MX: I2C External RAMPIC32MX: Interfacing to a Secure Digital (SD) Flash Card
PIC32MX: Interfacing with Force Sensors from a ScalePIC32MX: Inverse FFTPIC32MX: PWM Motor Control
PIC32MX: Parallel LCDPIC32MX: RS232PIC32MX: SPI Communication between PIC32s
PIC32MX: Servo ControlPIC32MX: Sinusoidal Analog OutputPIC32MX: USB Communication
PIC32MX: USB Communication with a PCPIC32MX: XBee Wireless Round-trip Latency
PIC32 Example: HelloWorldPIC32 in DIP packagePIC32book
PIC 18f4550PIC Analog-Digital-Converter Example
PIC MCUs: 4520 BoardPIC MCUs: Capabilities of PIC18F4520PIC MCUs: Capabilities of PIC32MX
PIC MCUs: Hardware and ConnectionsPIC MCUs: SoftwarePIC Microcontroller
PIC Microcontrollers with C18 CompilerPIC Microcontrollers with CCS Compiler
PIC Motor Control and Serial Port ExamplePIC Motor Control with EEPROM and Interactive Menu ExamplePIC PWM Motor Driver
PIC RS232PIC Servo ControllerPIC USB
PIC computation time benchmarks
PICkit 1
PPOD-mini: 6-DOF ShakerPPOD-mini Project
PPOD Experiments with a Textured PlatePPOD User GuideParallax GPS (Global Positioning System) Receiver Module
Passive FiltersPersistence-of-Vision DisplayPhase-Sensitive Detection
PhotocellPhotodiodes and Phototransistors
Pic32bookPiezoactuatorsPortable Sit-to-Stand Device
PotentiometersPractice Making a PCB
Pressure SensingPrinting Circuit BoardsProcessing
ProcessingPIC32CommunicationProgrammable Stiffness JointProgramming HID Bootloader on PIC32
Programming the blue boardProjects and miscellaneousPrototyping circuits
Pulse Width ModulationPulse width modulationQNX
Quadrature decoding in hardware, or just countersQuadrature decoding in software
RC Servo TheoryRC and RL Exponential ResponsesRGB LEDs
RGB Swarm Robot Project DocumentationRGB Swarm Robot Project E-puck Code (outdated)
RGB Swarm Robot Quickstart GuideReading RFID tags
Real-Time Linux for TrackCamReed Switch
Remote Controlled WiitarResistive Touchscreen
Resistors (Ohm's Law), Capacitors, and InductorsRobot ClubRobot Drummer
Robot Helicopter ProjectRobot Operating SystemRobot Snake
Rock Paper Scissors MachineRotary EncoderRotational Stiffness
Running RC servosSPI - Serial Peripheral Interface - on the PIC
SPI communication between PICsSample code for most PIC18F4520 operationsSampling-Based Planning
Schmitt TriggerSchmitt TriggersSecond Order Active Filters
SemiconductorsSensing optical tape
Sensing retroreflective blocksSensor OverviewSensoray 526 Data Aquisition Card
SensorsSerial communication with MatlabServo skeleton with fast & slow interrupts
Setup, Use, and Modeling of Harmonic Drive Motors with Junus AmpsShielding, Grounding, Noise Suppression, etc.
SolderboardSolenoid TheoryStability of an Assembly Project
Stepper Motor CircuitsStepper Motor Theory
Stepper motor control with the PICStoring constant data in program memoryStrain Gauge
Swarm Robot Project Documentation
Swarm Robot Project E-puck CodeSwarm Robot Project Overview
Swarm Robot Project SimulatorSwarm Robot Quickstart GuideSwarm Robot Theoretical Research
Switch DebouncingTektronix CFG253 Function GeneratorTektronix TDS220 Oscilloscope
TestThe GibbotThe PC/104 Lab Kit
The brains of the operationThe sandboxThermistor
Three-Axis AccelerometerThree-speaker Chladni PatternsTools in the lab and shop
UBW32 BoardUDP Communications between Target and Host PC
USB Communication Board
USB Communication using PIC microcontrollersUSB bootloading
USB communication between PICsUSB communication with C18 and MPLABUSB communication with CCS
USB communication with PCUltrasonic rangingUnipolar Stepper Motor Driver Circuit
Useful code for the blue boardUsing CircuitMaker
Using LEDs & IREDsUsing Opto-Isolators to Prevent InterferenceUsing RS-232 and Printing to LCD
Using Solderless BreadboardUsing a laserUsing the Basic Stamp Microcontroller
Using the Host ScopeUsing the LS7166 Quadrature CounterUsing the LS7366R SPI Quadrature Counter
Using the Yaskawa MotorsV-REP Introduction
VPOD 3DOF Vibratory DeviceVariable Frequency ElectrosenseVendors and Useful Links
Vibratory ClockVision-based CannonVoltage and Current Dividers
Watchdog timerWaveform Generation with AD9833Waveform Generation with AD9833, and SPI
WiiMouseWireless PIC bootloading
Writing Code with the C18 CompilerWriting a CSV FileXBee Interface Board
XBee radio communication between PICsXPC Code From Student ProjectsXPC M-file Communication
XPC Overview

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