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The UBW32 is a USB Bit Whacker for the PIC32MX460F512L developed by Brian Schmalz and produced by SparkFun.com.

Link to Brian Schmalz UBW32 website.

The UBW32 communicates with the computer via USB. The board can received power via USB or through an external power supply.


Hardware Features:

  • Uses PIC32MX460F512L microcontroller
  • 78 usable I/O pins - all header holes on .100" grid (73 for easy "DIP" style breadboard mounting
  • miniUSB connection - supplies power and full speed USB connection to PC
  • 3.3V power regulator
  • 5V power regulator allows higher voltage (battery or other) power input
  • Power Select switch allows selecting between USB and external power (acts as power-on switch)
  • Ground, 3.3V and 5V pins available on both sides for vertical breadboard mounting
  • 5 LEDS - 1 for power, 4 under software use
  • 3 push buttons - 1 for reset, 2 for software use
  • Header and footprint for USB Host connector - with the right software, allows for USB Host functionality
  • Minimal board size - very thin (.28" high, 4.4" long, 1" wide) and 2 mounting holes
  • Input protection fuse allows 500mA from the power supply
  • Pads on underside of board for 5V pull up resistors on all non-analog I/O pins
  • External input power protected by diode

The UBW32 comes loaded with a Bootloader and Firmware.

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