PIC Analog-Digital-Converter Example

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This is a simple project that uses a PIC18F4431's ADC to sample an analog signal, which is used to control the brightness of an LED. A potentiometer is used to create an analog voltage signal, and the PIC reads the analog signal and outputs a PWM duty cycle corresponding to the voltage level. The PWM signal drives the LED, which will appear brighter or dimmer depending on the duty cycle.

Components Datasheets


Project Files

Download the MPLAB project here: PIC ADC Tutorial Files.

This was compiled using MPLAB 7.6 and C18 3.12 (student version). If MPLAB has problems finding files or does not compile, it may be because the directories on your computer are set up differently. In this case, create a new project following these instructions, and copy in the source files.

The source code is split into two files:

  • main.c contains the code entry point and main control loop.
  • main.h contains miscellaneous functions and macros.

Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram for the ADC example

Wiring Diagram for the ADC example (PowerPoint)

Breadboard Layout

Example Breadboard Layout