PIC Microcontrollers with C18 Compiler

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Compiler and IDE

The C18 compiler is a C-language compiler for the Microchip PIC18 family of microcontrollers. The student version of this compiler is available for free at Microchip's website. The difference between the student version and the commercial version is the level of optimization available. For most purposes, the student version should suffice.

Be aware that there are some differences between Microchip's C18 compiler and C compilers for other platforms. For example, an int data type in C18 is 16 bits, instead of the usual 32 bits. Refer to the C18 user guide for more information.

Microchip's IDE, MPLAB, is also available for free at Microchip's website.

Connecting the Programmer

Connecting the ICD2 Programmer

Writing the Code

Writing Code with the C18 Compiler

Example Projects

PIC Analog-Digital-Converter Example

PIC Motor Control and Serial Port Example

PIC Motor Control with EEPROM and Interactive Menu Example

For more examples, see the C18 User's Guide and the application notes on Microchip's website.

Tips and Troubleshooting

PIC/C18 Compiler Tips and Troubleshooting


MPLAB and C18 Compiler

MPLAB Quick Start Guide

MPLAB User's Guide

C18 Compiler Getting Started

C18 Compiler User's Guide

C18 Compiler Libraries


PIC18 Configuration Settings Addendum


PIC18F4431 Datasheet

PIC18F4431 Errata