Using the Yaskawa Motors

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SGD Servopack Manual.pdf (7MB)


The SGM-02B312 motor that we have is 100V, 200W and works together with the Yaskawa Servopack which acts as a controller/amplifier.  Servopacks come in two modes: speed/torque referencing, and position referencing.  The majority of the Servopacks that we have are speed/torque and have the model number SGD-02BS (the last S for speed).  Position referencing Servopacks

are SGD-02BP.  The following is a picture of the Servopack.


OPERATOR can connect to a PC or a Yaskawa Digital Operator.  The following functions are performed with the operator: user constants settings, run command, status display, and alarm display.  We DO NOT SEEM TO have the operator that can directly mount onto the Servopack (JUSP-OP03A).

However, the PC-based program is supposed to be able to do all the same operations and more. It is called SVMON and is archived here on Yaskawa's site It just needs a serial connection from your PC to the OPERATOR input of the Servopack.

1CN receives an analog or pulse train input that can control the motor.  The connector is a 36-contact Mini D Ribbon (MDR) connector made by 3M.

2CN connects to the encoder outputs from the motor via the encoder cable.  The connector is a 20-contact MDR connector made by 3M.

R, T on the terminal strip connect to 120V AC power from the wall.

U, V, W, GND on the terminal strip connect to the motor phase inputs via the motor cable to determine the motion of the motor. 

1CN Connector

The following figures show the front and back of the 1CN connector.  The pins are numbered on the back view.

1cnfront.jpg 1cnback.jpg
Front Back

The following table shows the layout of the pins on the 1CN connector.  Servo ON is pin 14.

1 Torque Reference Input   19 PG Output Signal 0V
2 Torque Reference Input 0V   20 PG Output (Phase-A)
3 Speed Reference Input   21 PG Output (Phase-A)
4 Speed Reference Input 0V   22 PG Output (Phase-B)
5     23 PG Output (Phase-B)
6     24 PG Output (Phase-C)
7 Brake Interlock Signal Output   25 PG Output (Phase-C)
8 Speed Coincidence Signal Output   26  
9 TGON Signal Output   27  
10 Common 0V to pin 7,8,9   28  
11 Forward Current Limit ON Input   29  
12 Reverse Current Limit ON Input   30 Alarm Code Output
13 +24V External Power Input   31 Alarm Code Output (open collector output)
14 Servo ON Input   32 Open Collector Output
15 P-Drive Input   33 Alarm Code Output Common 0V
16 Forward Prohibit Input   34 Servo Alarm Output
17 Reverse Prohibit Input   35 Servo Alarm Output
18 Alarm Reset Input   36 Frame Ground

Encoder Cable (2CN)

The following figures show the front and back of the 2CN connector. 

2cnfront.jpg 2cnback.jpg
Front Back

The following table shows the layout of the pins on the 2CN connector.

1 PG Power 0V   11  
2 PG Power 0V   12  
3 PG Power 0V   13  
4 PG Power 0V   14 PG Input C-Phase
5 PG Power +5V   15 PG Input C-Phase
6 PG Power 0V   16 PG Input A-Phase
7 Rotating Direction Input   17 PG Input A-Phase
8     18 PG Input B-Phase
9     19 PG Input B-Phase
10     20 Frame Ground

The 20-contact MDR connector is attached to 9 conductor, 22 AWG, fold shielded cable.  On the other end of the cable is an AMP 9 pin MATE-N-LOK connector cap that plugs into the encoder plug on the motor.  The following figures show the ends of the encoder cable and the encoder plug on the motor.

Encoderplug.jpg Encoderplug.gif

Here is a table laying out what each pin is connected to on the encoder plug.

Incremental encoder connection

Encoder Plug Pin #


Color (on motor)

2CN pin #


Channel A output




Channel A output




Channel B output




Channel B output




Channel C output




Channel C output




0V (Power supply)




+5V (Power supply)




FG (Frame Ground)




Motor Cable

The connector that fits onto the motor plug is a AMP 4 pin MATE-N-LOK connector cap.  The cable is a 4 conductor, 20 AWG, foil shielded cable.  The other end is connected to 4 ring tongue terminals which screw into the Servopack terminal strip (U, V, W, GND).  The following figure and chart show which pin corresponds to which motor phase.

Motorplug.jpg Motoplug.gif

Motor Connection

Motor Plug Pin #   Color (on motor)
1 Phase-U Red
2 Phase-V White
3 Phase-W Blue
4 FG (Frame Ground) Green


Here is a list of vendors and part numbers to buy all of the cables and connectors necessary to get the motor and Servopack working together.

  Vendor Part number


Encoder Cable (2CN) Digi-key A25699-ND

AMP 9 Pos mini universal MATE-N-LOK connector cap housing

  Digi-key 170365-1-ND AMP mini universal MATE-N-LOK socket contacts. 26-22 AWG
  Newark 03F6197 Multiconductor cable, foil shielded.  9 conductors, 22 AWG, 100 ft
  Newark 90B3949 3M 20 contact 0.050" Mini D Ribbon (MDR) solder plug connectors
  Allied Electronics 618-0034 3M 20 contact MDR Junction shells
Motor Cable Digi-key A25572-ND AMP 4 Pos mini universal MATE-N-LOK connector cap housing
  Digi-key 170366-1-ND AMP mini universal MATE-N-LOK socket contacts.  18-22 AWG
  Newark 02F8167 4 conductor cable,  foil shielded, 20 AWG, 100 ft.
  Newark 93F4913 Ring Tongue terminals, 22-18 AWG, stud size 8
1CN connector Newark 90B3954 3M 36 contact 0.050" MDR solder plug connectors
  Allied Electronics 618-0013 3M 36 contact  MDR Junction shells (note: shell is optional and may be undesired)
Power cord Newark 19C1608 3 conductor Power supply cord, 18 AWG, SJT