Practice Making a PCB

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Practice Making a PCB

This page contains a practice assignment for making a schematic and a pcb. Refer to the PCB_Artist tutorial for information on how to finish it.

We are going to make a leaky integrator schematic and pcb. You can read about leaky integrators here in the integrator section. This circuit will consist of 2 resistors, 1 capacitor and an op-amp (such as LT1001CN8).

Make the Schematic

We are going to make the following schematic.

ME333 Lab2 schematic.jpg

You already have the resistor and capacitor components, but the op-amp component does not exist yet.

Search for a datasheet of the LT1001CN8 precision operational amplifier. (You can search on google, digikey...etc).

To create the schematic symbol, you can either draw your own schematic for the 8pin op-amp as shown above OR you can find the existing schematic symbol under one of the existing libraries (hint op-amps are integrated circuits(IC)). If you make your own, make sure you have 8 pins.

You will have to make the pcb footprint for this op-amp using the tools from the tutorial.

Create a component and name the pins as shown in this schematic (ie IN-,IN+,etc)

You will need to add extra text for Vin and Vout.

Make the PCB

Now we will make the PCB of this circuit.

The finished board should look like this:

Complete me333 pcb.jpg

Use 'Translate to PCB' as in the tutorial to convert your schematic into a pcb.

In the PCB configuration

  • Create a 2x2 in pre-defined board
  • Basic 2 Layer Standard
  • Default Layers and Board Parameters
  • Special Requirement - Student
  • Name your board with a 1 week turn around time and quantity of 1.

On your board, make sure you:

  • Add 5 extra pins for Vin, Vout, V+, V- and GND
  • Add silkscreen text for these 5 extra pins
  • Change the trace size between GND and the op-amp to have a width of 0.05
  • 5 vias as shown above
  • 1 mitered track as shown above