PIC MCUs: 4520 Board

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The 4520 Board is designed to be a basic platform in which all comunication and power connections to a PIC18F4520 (the PIC MCU that the board is centered around) are pre-connected, but has otherwise been left open for prototyping. Some of the features of the 4520 Board are shown below.

Board Layout


4520 Board Components
1 Power supply connector
2 Voltage regulator
3 PIC18F4520 microcontroller
4 Clock signal
5 Reset/Master Clear button
6 Clock oscillator
7 Quadrature clock converters
8 6-Pin modular communication port
9 Tri-state up/down counters


Below are links to datasheets of many of the components of the 4520 Board.

  1. PIC18F4520 -- Microcontroller
  2. LS7084 -- Quadtrature Converter
  3. 74F579PC -- Tri-State 8-bit Counter
  4. MX045HS -- Clock Oscillator
  5. LP2954it -- Voltage Regulator