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Software to download to program the NU32 PIC32 development board.

  • Text Editors (These are just suggestions; feel free to use any text editor you are comfortable with)
    • Visual Studio Code (All)
    • Atom (All)
    • TextWrangler (Mac)
    • Notepad++ (Windows)
    • Gedit (All)
      • sudo apt-get install (Ubuntu/Debian)
      • sudo pacman -S gedit (Arch)
    • vim (All)
      • sudo apt-get install vim (Ubuntu/Debian)
      • sudo pacman -S vim (Arch)
    • emacs (All)
      • sudo apt-get install emacs (Ubuntu/Debian)
      • sudo pacman -S emacs (Arch)
  • Native C Compiler
    • Xcode Command Line Tools (Mac): Log in with an Apple developer id, available for free, and download "Command Line Tools OSX (version number) for Xcode (version number)" (about 160 MB), to avoid downloading the ~4 GB full Xcode developer suite (which also has the command line tools). You will probably need to add /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/usr/bin to your path to make sure you find gcc and make from the command line; see the video on software downloads. (Instead of using Xcode command line tools, you could use gcc and make from Homebrew or MacPorts.)
    • MinGW (Windows - Using mingw with Visual Studio Code)
    • gcc (Linux)
      • sudo apt-get install build-essential (Ubuntu/Debian)
      • sudo pacman -S base-devel (Arch)
  • Make
    • Distributed with Xcode (Mac)
    • Distributed with MSYS, obtained via MinGW (Windows)
    • make (Linux)
      • sudo apt-get install build-essential (Ubuntu/Debian)
      • sudo pacman -S base-devel (Arch)

Book Sample Code

Release Notes

  • Embedded_Computing_V1.2-Apr_2016, April 2016
    • Added source code for updated bootloader (running on the PIC32) and bootloader utility (running on the host computer); the primary change was optimization of the code, and clearer code organization. Both new versions are numbered 5.2 and both are fully compatible with earlier versions.
    • Fixed minor mistakes in comments of sample code 6.2 and 7.1.
  • Embedded_Computing_V1.1-Mar_2016, March 2016
    • Added Harmony makefile to Chapter 20.
  • Embedded_Computing_V1.0, November 2015
    • Initial release.