More debugging tips

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Use your LEDs

  • Indicate phases of program operation by illuminating LEDs. In particular a lot of electrical faults cause the PIC to resst. The first thing your code should do is illuminate a "startup LED" for 100mS. If you see that LED flashing repeatedly, you'll know your PIC is reseting.

Why is my PIC reseting?

  • Often from voltage spikes. Add 1uF capacitors near your digital chips, especially H-bridges. In extreme cases, where capacitors and good grounding does not do the trick, you might want to have separate power supplies for your electrically noisy power-hungry circuits and for your low-power circuits, with communication happening through optoisolators. This way there is no direct electrical connection between the circuits; communication is through light.

Runs only with ICD unit attached

  • Make sure you are not in debugger mode. Try adding the NOBROWNOUT fuse at the top of your code.