ME 333 Lab Kits

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Kit Contents

1 Large Proto Board, ABRA P/N ABRA-36

1 Small Proto board, Marlin Jones P/N 4443-TE

1 pair wire strippers, Various suppliers

2 batteries, Powerizer 2200mAH from

1 smart charger, Universal P/N USC7.2-12-0918

1 power supply, Jameco replacement P/N 190960 Meanwell P/N P25A13D-R1U

1 volt meter, Fluke Model 73 III

2 boardlets, Department built

1 PIC In Circuit Debugger, CCS Inc. P/N ICD-U40

2 cables (USB and Phone), Included with ICD

1 CCS compiler manual, Included with ICD

1 CCS syntax table , Included with ICD

1 CCS Intro to programming manual Included with ICD

1 CCS complier install disk Included with ICD

1 RS232 to TTL cable Future Technology Devices International P/N TTL-232R

1 16 X 2 Blue LCD display FCB electronics Ann Arbor Michigan, HD44780 compatible, SIBI Brand P/N JHD 162A