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Types of Bearings

Rolling-Element Bearings

There are several types of rolling-element bearings. These bearings make contact by some small rolling element such as a ball or cylinder. Below are common rolling-element brearings and their cross-section designation.

Radial Ball Bearing Angular Ball Bearing Spherical Ball Bearing Needle Bearing Thrust Bearing
Radial ball bearing.png
Angular ball bearing.png
Spherical ball bearing.png
Needle bearing.png
Thrust bearing.png
Radial ball bearing crosssection.gif
Angular ball bearing crosssection.gif
Spherical ball bearing crosssection.gif
Needle bearing crosssection.gif
Thrust bearing crosssection.gif

Sliding Bearings

One type of sliding bearing is a pillow block bearing. These bearings allow for misalignment of shafts, but have smaller load ratings than ball bearings.

Pillow Block.jpg

Bearing Selection

Cylindrical Bearing Selection

Thrust Bearing Selection