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(Chapter 12)

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Errata below are for the preprint version posted on November 29, 2016.


Chapter 1

  • p4: "screw theor." should be "screw theory." (near bottom of page)

Chapter 3

  • p93: The definition of the Trans(p) matrix should have the identity matrix as the top left 3x3 submatrix (shown in the book as the zero matrix).

Chapter 11

  • p419, the line just before equation (11.16): the expression should read [\mathcal{V}_b] = X^{-1} \dot{X} (the square brackets around \mathcal{V}_b are missing).

Chapter 12

  • p466, 467, 468: Typos in the first equation of the list of three near the bottom of page 466 are propagated to pages 467 and 468. The first equation should be vAx − ωAzpAy + ωAypAz = vBx − ωBzpBy + ωBypBz. This affects the figure at bottom left of Figure 12.3 on p467. Equation (12.10) should be vAx − 2ωAz = vBx − 2ωBz. The first rolling constraint on p468 should then be vAx − 2ωAz = 0.

Chapter 13

  • p518, equations (13.7) and (13.8): the rows in the matrices should be numbered to m, not n.
  • p550, line just after equation (13.37): the expression should read [\mathcal{V}_d(t)] = X_d^{-1}(t) \dot{X}_d(t) (the square brackets around \mathcal{V}_d(t) are missing).

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