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This page is a general repository of help specific to the Mechatronics Wiki. Please help each other out by adding to this page.


This HOWTO section provides quick answers to specific problems. It is also serves as the documentation on running and maintaining this wiki.



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This Frequently Asked Questions list should serve as a first response location for general problems. If there is a simple problem that students continue to encounter, post it and its solution here and hopefully they can find the answer here the next time.



  • Q: When I build my program in xPC, it completes successfully but doesn't download to the target PC

Your host is probably set up for StandAlone mode. Open xpcexplr and change to DOSLoader in the Configuration menu.

  • Q: I am getting an incompatible version error when I try to build and download my xPC program.

You need to update your CompactFlash disk to the new version of MATLAB you are using. Follow the instructions in Creating an xPC Flash Boot Disk.

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