Creating an xPC Flash Boot Disk

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xPC Boot Disk

In this section, you will create a boot disk to load the xPC operating system on the Target PC. You must first configure your target PC in xpcexplr (See: Configuring xPC Target PC). If you wish to boot from a floppy disk, you can stop after Step 4. Students will not need to do this - just use your assigned CF disks

  1. Open Matlab on the Host PC and run xpcexplr
  2. Under TargetPC1, click on "Configuration" and select "DOSLoader" from the drop-box
  3. Insert the DOS bootdisk into the Host PC floppy drive.
  4. Click "Create Bootdisk"
  5. Insert the CF card into the CF card reader
  6. Open the floppy drive in My Computer and copy the files below to the CF drive:
    • xpctgo1.rtb (after first time, only this file needs to be copied)
    • autoexec.bat (overwrite old one)
  7. Remove both the floppy and CF card from the Host PC.
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