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Below are errata for the book "Embedded Computing and Mechatronics with the PIC32 Microcontroller," Kevin M. Lynch, Nicholas Marchuk, and Matthew L. Elwin, Newnes/Elsevier 2015. For succinctness, typos are other minor errors that cannot lead to confusion are not reported here.

Throughout the book

  • Due to fixed-width fonts chosen for typesetting code, sometimes two consecutive underscores _ _ appear as a single long line, and sometimes two consecutive minus signs -- appear as a single long line. For example, some code listings using the _ _ ISR macro appear to have a single long line before the ISR.

Chapter 3: Software

  • page 43: The last line of typeset code should begin LATFbits.LATF0, not LATA5LATFbits.LATF0.
  • page 47: The description of bit fields near the bottom of the page is misleading. Each named set of bits is a bit field. The structs are collections of bit fields.

Chapter 6: Interrupts

  • page 103: The line of code beginning IPC0bits.INT0IS sets the interrupt subpriority, not priority.
  • page 109, question 9, should mention IFS0bits, too.

Chapter 7: Digital Input and Output

  • page 117, description of ODCx: The code line should read TRISDbits.TRISD8 = 0, not TRISbits.TRISD8 = 0.

Chapter 10: Analog Input

  • page 151, last line of description of SFR AD1CHS: AD1CHS.CHOSA should be AD1CHS.CH0SA (a zero insted of an "oh").

Chapter 21: Sensors

  • The Greek letter psi in the summation block of Figure 21.22 (bottom) should be an uppercase sigma.

Chapter 22: Digital Signal Processing

  • page 354, second-to-last sentence: should say "ratio G of their amplitudes"

Chapter 25: Brushed Permanent Magnet DC Motors

  • page 416, Figure 25.14: The comment on "mechanical time constant" appears to refer to kt2 but it should be  k_t^2.

Appendix A: A Crash Course in C

  • page 523: unit8_t should be uint8_t
  • page 564: After the gray box with int sscanf..., the next line should say "Instead of scanning from the keyboard, sscanf ..."

Appendix B: Circuits Review

  • page 595: In the first sentence of "Application: Switch debouncing", it should read "clean falling edge from V to GND," not "clean falling edge from GND to V."
  • page 602: The sentence after the first set of bullets should say "When IE > 0, the power dissipated by the transistor is IBVBE,on + ICVCE."
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