Directions to Load Files to PIC32 with HID Bootloader

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If the HID Bootloader is not installed on the PIC32, follow the directions here.

On the board, simultaneously hold down 'RESET' and 'PRG' buttons. Release the 'RESET' button. LEDS 0 and 1 will flash to indicate that the board is in bootload mode. You can then release the 'PRG' button.

While in bootload mode, open the PC HID Bootloader located in the start menu Programs\Microchip\MSHPFSUSBv2.6\Tools\HIDBootloader. It should say 'Device attached.' if in bootload mode.

Click on the 'Open Hex File' and locate the desired HEX file.

Click on Program/Verify.

It will say:

  • Erase Started (no status update until complete, may take several seconds)
  • Erase Complete
  • Programming Started
  • Programming Complete
  • Verify Running
  • Erase / Program / Verify Completed Successfully

Occasionally, the bootloader application will get stuck in the 'Verify Running' section. The application then uses 95-100% of the PC's CPU. The only solution I have discovered is to manually terminate the bootloader using the PC's task manager. Fortunately, the program has already been downloaded to the PIC.

Click on Reset Device. The program should be running on the PIC.