ASEE Robot Design Competition

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The ASEE (American Society for Engineering Education) is hosting a robot design competition on June 27, 2016, in New Orleans, LA. The competition is for first and second year undergraduate students.

See the Official Rules posted on the | ASEE Model Design Competition 2016 page.

ASEE Model Design Competition 2016

This year's competition, "Robot Parade" (NOLA, get it?), gives robots four trials of 90 seconds each to deposit rings into boxes along a route inside of a maze.

Getting started

  • Locomotion
    • Differential drive
      • A common and popular way drive technique
      • Pros: Turns on a dime
      • Cons: Has to drag some kind of caster, can be difficult to drive straight
    • Ackerman steering
      • The way a car moves
      • Pros: Only one drive motor
      • Cons: Finite turning radius, needs a rear axle differential gear
    • Mechanum wheels
      • Wheels with wheels on them
      • Pros: can move in any direction
      • Cons: expensive, complicated
    • Tank treads
      • Differential drive with a twist
      • Pros: Can go over obstacles, can support the most load
      • Cons: Turning no so great, might need suspension, complicated or expensive to build
    • Static walking
      • 4, 6, or more legs!
      • Pros: Um... cool looking?
      • Cons: Needs lots of motors, complicated programming to make infinitely adjustable steps
    • Dynamic walking
      • 1 or 2 legs
      • Pros: nah
      • Cons: Impossible