Vibratory Clock

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Team Members

Left to right: Brian Lesperance, Daniel Pinkawa, and Jennifer Breger
  • Jennifer Breger - Mechanical Engineering Class of 2009
  • Brian Lesperance - Electrical Engineering Class of 2008
  • Daniel Pinkawa - Mechanical Engineering Class of 2008


You will build a horizontal circular platform that is actuated from underneath by three compliantly-attached voice coil actuators (i.e., speakers). The vibration of the platform causes an hour "hand" on top of the platform to slide around the circular platform, impelled by friction forces due to the vibration. If you bump the hand away, it slowly moves back to the correct hour. You may find other imaginative uses for your device. Check out this website to see more information on how this works and some videos of parts moving around a vibrated plate.

Mechanical Design

Electrical Design

Software Design



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