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This guide was written as a quickstart guide for the Swarm Robots Project, but contains general information about programming e-pucks.


In order to run the system, you will need:

  1. e-puck robots.
  2. Bluetooth adapter on your computer.
  3. |Compiled .hex file found in e-puck code project
  4. Tiny Bootloader
  5. Compiled program for Machine Vision Localization System.
  6. You may also want to use one or more of the Analysis Tools such as the real-time display.

Items needed to edit the e-puck code

If you want to edit the e-puck code, you will need the following:

  1. Microchip MPLAB (for editing code, not needed to run)
  2. Microchip C compiler for dsPICs (for editing code, not needed to run)
  3. Code for e-pucks

Programming the e-pucks

Connecting to the e-puck

To program the e-puck, you first need to connect to the e-puck. Go to the Control Panel, and open Bluetooth Devices, and go to Devices>Add.... Turn on the e-puck, check My device is set up and ready to be found, then click next. When the computer has found the e-puck, select it (the ID of the epuck is a four-digit number found on a sticker on top of the bluetooth chip on the e-puck). When the prompt asks you for a passkey, enter the 4-digit ID number. The computer should then reserve a COM (serial) port to communicate with this particular e-puck. The computer will set up different COM ports for different e-pucks; this is normal. Go back to Bluetooth Devices in the Control Panel, and select the COM Ports tab, and see port is assigned Outgoing to the e-puck. This is the COM port you will use to program this particular e-puck when using Tiny Bootloader.

BT COM ports.png

Setting up the e-pucks

The e-pucks require that a special bootloader program be loaded on it if you want to program the e-puck over a bluetooth radio. If you can

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