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WS2812 Addressable RGB LEDs (NeoPixels)

Install the NeoPixels Library

  • Download ZIP of all library files here
  • Unzip the ZIP file when it's done downloading
  • Put all of the files from the folder into a new folder called "Adafruit_NeoPixels"
  • Put this new folder into your Adruino Libraries folder (usually located at (home folder)/Documents/Arduino/Libraries)
    • If you don't have a "Libraries" folder in Arduino/Libraries, create one and put the Adafruit_NeoPixels folder in it
  • Restart the Arduino IDE if it's already running
  • Open up a new Arduino sketch (program) and check to see if the Adafruit NeoPixels library is installed by going to Sketch-->Import Library and seeing if the NeoPixels library is listed.

Wire Up Your LEDs
  • Diagram of how to wire 2 RGB LEDs together goes here

  • Write code
  • Applications
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