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PIC microcontrollers are produced by the company Microchip Technology Inc. They produce a full line of chips ranging from 6 to 80 pins with a range of memory capacities, speeds, interfaces and peripherals. They are useful for small mechatronics projects because of their small size, low cost, and I/O capabilities.

Specific Chips

Here is some documentation on PICs available in the mechatronics lab.

  • PIC16F684 - The PIC16F684 is a 14-pin/8-bit flash memory-based PIC. It features 4-channel PWM, 12 pins of programmable I/O, a 20MHz clock, and uses less than 1 mW of power. It was purchased for the lab to function as a dedicated mid-level motor controller chip.


Microchip makes various kits for progrmaming PIC chips.

  • PICkit - One of the simplest and easiest is the PICkit. It uses a USB interface to connect the PIC to a PC. Using Microchip's MPLAB software, you can write, simulate and program your code.
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