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  • Text Editors (These are just suggestions; feel free to use any text editor you are comfortable with)
    • TextWrangler (Mac)
    • Notepad++ (Windows)
    • Gedit (All)
      • sudo apt-get install (Ubuntu/Debian)
      • sudo pacman -S gedit (Arch)
    • vim (All)
      • sudo apt-get install vim (Ubuntu/Debian)
      • sudo pacman -S vim (Arch)
    • emacs (All)
      • sudo apt-get install emacs (Ubuntu/Debian)
      • sudo pacman -S emacs (Arch)
    • atom (All)
  • Native C Compiler
  • Make
    • Distributed with Xcode (Mac)
    • Distributed with MSYS, obtained via MinGW (Windows)
    • make (Linux)
      • sudo apt-get install build-essential (Ubuntu/Debian)
      • sudo pacman -S base-devel (Arch)

you want just the code mentioned in Chapter 1, download (November 2015). Note that the folder 01_Quickstart has all the code needed for Chapter 1.

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