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The errata below are for the updated first edition of Modern Robotics (as well as the practice exercises and linear algebra refresher appendix). The updated first edition (also called "version 2") was originally published by Cambridge University Press in late 2019 (marked "3rd printing 2019" or later) and the corresponding online preprint is dated December 2019. The updated first edition includes several corrections and minor additions to the original first edition, which was originally published by Cambridge in May 2017, with a corresponding online preprint dated May 2017.

The errata for the original first edition can be found here.

Please click here to report any corrections for the updated first edition of the book, the practice exercises, or the linear algebra refresher appendix.


Book: Significant corrections

Chapter 3

  • (printed version only) At the end of the introduction Exercise 3.16, it says "origin of {b} is at (0,2,0) is {s}" but "is {s}" should be "in {s}".
  • Exercise 3.20, Figure 3.26: In the figure, the y and z axes for the {a}, {b}, and {c} frames are switched (y should point forward and z should point up). Also, the space frame is located at the bottom of the small wheel, directly below the {a} frame.
  • (printed version only) Exercise 3.25(a): the element in the third row and third column of the matrix A should be 0 (it is incorrectly written as 1).

Chapter 8

  • (printed version only) Equation (8.74): the first two plus signs should be minus signs.

Book: Minor typos, etc., no danger of misunderstanding

Chapter 6

  • (printed version only) Chapter 6.2.2, Example 6.1: just before the matrix Tsd, "corresponds to to" should be "corresponds to."
  • (printed version only) Chapter 6.3, first sentence after Equation (6.7): "however small" should be written "however, small" to avoid ambiguity.

A partial list of errata contributors

Thanks to the following people who provided corrections, starting from the preliminary version of the book posted in October, 2016:

H. Andy Nam, Eric Lee, Yuchen Rao, Chainatee Tanakulrongson, Mengjiao Hong, Kevin Cheng, Jens Lundell, Elton Cheng, Michael Young, Jarvis Schultz, Logan Springgate, Sofya Akhmametyeva, Aykut Onol, Josh Holcomb, Yue Chen, Mark Shi, AJ Ibraheem, Yalun Wen, Seongjae Jeong, Josh Mehling, Felix Wang, Drew Warren, Chris Miller, Clemens Eppner, Zack Woodruff, Jian Shi, Jixiang Zhang, Shachar Liberman, Will Wu, Dirk Boysen, Awe Wang, Ville Kyrki, John Troll, Andrew Taylor, Nikhil Bakshi, Yunzhe Pan, Barrett Ames, Marcel Bonnici, Mahdiar Edraki

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