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The Northwestern University mechatronics design wiki provides reference material on the theory and applications of electronics, sensors, actuators, etc., for use in mechatronics-related research and projects. Practical applications often refer to equipment and supplies available in the Northwestern Mechatronics Design Lab.

The mechatronics wiki was initiated by undergraduate Ben Stephens in 2006, under the supervision of Profs. Kevin Lynch and Michael Peshkin. Since then, many students have contributed content.

Important: Please be sure to read the Rules for Using the Mechatronics Design Lab.

(Here you can find the Old Index Page of the mechatronics wiki, as of May 2, 2009. That page is now obsolete, and new material should be indexed on the pages below. New pages may be indexed in multiple places.)

2016 ASME ME Department Heads' Forum

Evaluating Form Closure Project Stability of an Assembly Project Writing a CSV File

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