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The mechatronics design reference page provides a comprehensive list of theory and applications of electronics, sensors, actuators, etc. that can be used for mechatronics-related research and projects.



  • Analog
    • Basic Linear Circuits Review
      • Voltage Dividers
      • RC Transient Response
      • Passive Filters
      • ...
    • Transistors and Diodes
    • Operational Amplifiers
      • Summer
      • Difference Amplifier
      • Low-Pass Filter
      • ...
    • Instrumentation Amps
  • Digital
  • Power Supplies, Voltage Regulation, and Batteries
  • Shielding, Grounding, Noise Suppression, etc.
  • Drawing Schematics and Ordering Printed Circuit Boards (Eagle, Circuit Maker, Trax Maker)


  • Potentiometers
  • Beam Breaker: Laser + Photodiode/Phototransistor
  • Beam Breaker: Optointerrupter
  • Proximity: Optoreflector
  • Proximity: Reed Switch
  • Proximity, Angle: Hall Effect Sensor
  • Angle: Potentiometer
  • Angle: Rotary Encoder
  • Angular Velocity: Tachometer
  • Linear Position: Slide Potentiometer
  • Ambient Light: Photocell
  • Temperature: Thermotransistor IC
  • Audio: Microphone
  • Tilt, Acceleration: Accelerometer
  • Force: Strain Gauge
  • Current: Current Sense Resistor
  • Contact: Microswitch (Limit Switch)


Mechanical Design

  • Power Transmission
    • Gears (spur, bevel, worm, planetary, harmonic drive, rack and pinion, ball and lead screws, inertia matching)
    • Belt drives
  • Linkages
  • Attaching to a Shaft (flexible couplers, keyways, set screws, compression fit, split clamp)
  • Other: springs/dampers, cams, etc.

The PC/104 Stack

xPC Target Real-Time Operating System

QNX Real-Time Operating System

Lab Supplies and Data Sheets


LaTex Document Preparation

Other Lab Equipment

  • Prototyping Tools
    • Oscilloscope
    • Function Generator
    • Mastech Power Supply
    • Fluke III Multimeter
    • Benchtop Multimeter
    • Powered Breadboard
    • Soldering Iron
  • High Performance Neuromechatronics Benches
  • The Sensoray 626 DAQ Card
  • The Handyboard Single-Board Computer
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