ME 449 Robotic Manipulation

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Fall Quarter 2017


Course Summary

Mechanics of robotic manipulation, computer representations and algorithms for manipulation planning, and applications to industrial automation, parts feeding, grasping, fixturing, and assembly.

Course Text and Software

All of these resources are available at the homepage for the book.

Video Lectures

Video supplements to the reading can be found at If you prefer to watch the videos as playlists in the youtube environment, you can go here instead. These links are also available from the book's homepage.

Syllabus and Reading

This supersedes the approximate syllabus below.

  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 4 (4.2 can be skimmed)
  • Chapter 5
  • Chapter 6 (6.1 can be skipped)
  • Chapter 8 (8.4 can be skipped; 8.8-8.9 are for reference only for those interested)
  • Chapter 9 (9.1 and 9.4 only)
  • Chapter 11, stopping before the Force Control section
  • Chapter 13 (skip 13.3)


Assignments are graded based on correctness, how well you organize your homework (it should be easy to understand your thinking and easy to find your responses), and how well you follow the submission instructions below. You will lose points if you don't follow these instructions.

If you ever think a problem is stated incorrectly, not enough information is given, or it is impossible to solve, don't panic! Simply make a reasonable assumption that will allow you to solve the problem (but clearly state what this assumption is), or indicate why it is not possible to solve the problem.

Instructions for uploading assignments to Canvas:

0. Upload on time! Late submissions are not accepted. The cutoff time is at the beginning of class on the day the assignment is due.

1. Only upload one zip file or rar file for each assignment;

2. In your zip file or rar file, include all source codes in their original form, such as .cpp, .m, .py, .nb.

3. If there is a demo, combine the screen shots into one SEPARATE pdf file, OR, show the results in one SEPARATE .txt file (DON'T show them in your source code file format, e.g. .nb file), and include it in the zip file (or rar file).

4. Always include output of your code running on the exercises, particularly in case the grader has problems running your code. Also, always create a script (for example, titled ex6-9 or something) that the grader can easily invoke for each exercise. Don't expect the grader to search through your code to find sample code to cut-and-paste. Make it as easy as possible for the grader (you can include a "README" in your solutions, for example).

5. Please name the upload file in the following format:


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