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(ME 333 Final Projects 2008)

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ME 333 end of course schedule


ME 333 Final Projects 2008

IR Tracker

IR Tracker Main.jpg

The IR Tracker (aka "Spot") is a device that follows a moving infrared light. It continuously detects the position of an infrared emitter in two axises, and then tracks the emitter with a laser.

Robot Snake

The intro for the snake will be added later.

Learning Oscillator

The Learning Oscillator is given a desired acceleration profile for a linear oscillating mass. It then 'learns' and adjusts the frequency of its force source so the oscillating mass eventually matches the desired acceleration profile.

Programmable Stiffness Joint

The Programmable Stiffness Joint varies rotational stiffness as desired by the user. It is the first step in modeling the mechanical impedance of the human ankle joint (both stiffness and damping) for the purpose of determining the respective breakdown of the two properties over the gait cycle.

Magnetic based sample purification

Continuously Variable Transmission

A continuously variable tramsission is intended to provide a transition from low to high gear ratios while keeping the engine input running at the max efficient speed. It is achieved by a system of variable radius pulleys and a v-belt.

Granular Flow Rotating Sphere

This device will be used to study the granular flow of particles within a rotating sphere. The sphere is filled with grains of varying size and then rotated about two different axes according to a series of position and angular velocity inputs.



The WiiMouse is a handheld remote that can be used to move a cursor on a windows-based PC, via accelerometer input captured through device movement.

Intelligent Oscillation Controller

This device "learns" a forcing function that is applied to a spring and mass system to match an arbitrary, periodic acceleration profile.

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