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LAST BACKUP : BJS 8/11/2006

You need to backup two things in order to restore the wiki:

  • The wiki mysql database
  • The images folder
  • The settings files

Backing up the MySQL Database

  1. Open SSH Secure Shell
  2. Login to the Hades server (see administrator)
  3. Type:
    mysqldump -h localhost -u [USERNAME] -p -B mewiki > mewiki.sql
  4. Zip the database file:
    gzip mewiki.sql
  5. FTP to the directory containing the mewiki.sql.gz file and download to a safe place
  6. Delete the mewiki.sql.gz file from the server.

To restore the wiki database,

  1. Upload the mewiki.sql.gz file to the Hades webserver
  2. Unzip the file:
    gunzip -xf mewiki.sql.gz
  3. Insert the database:
    mysql -h localhost -u [USERNAME] -p mewiki < mewiki.sql
  4. Enter the password for the mysql database
  5. Delete the mewiki.sql from the server.

Backing up the Images Folder

  1. Navigate to the wiki directory (./wiki)
  2. Tar the images folder:
    tar -cf images.tar images
  3. Zip the file:
    gzip images.tar
  4. FTP download the file images.tar.gz to a safe place.
  5. Delete the images.tar.gz file from the server.

Backing up the Settings Files

  1. goto the wiki directory (./wiki)
  2. Copy the file, LocalSettings.php, to your backup folder
  3. Copy the folder, external, to your backup folder

To restore,

  1. copy "LocalSettings.php" and the "external" folder to the wiki directory.
  2. make sure the "external" folder is chmod 711.
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