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There are four types of users for the wiki and the table below describes their capabilities:

User Type Create New Users Edit User Rights Protect Pages Edit Protected Pages Edit Unprotected Pages User Name Attached to History Upload Files Delete Files Roll Back Changes

It is recommended that students be assigned usernames through the steps below. This will cause their name to be attached to their work. They do not have to sign in to edit unprotected pages, but will have to in order to upload. Professors/Administrators should be granted sysop and bureaucrat priveledges, giving them full access to the site. Unregistered users may still edit unprotected pages, but their IP is logged and blockable and sysops have the ability to roll back changes.

Only existing users with sysop user rights (see User List) can create new users. Here are the steps:

  1. Log in with your sysop-capable username
  2. Goto Create Account
  3. Type in a Username and Password for this person.
  4. Click "Create Account"
  5. Now you are signed in as that person, log out at the top right of the page.
  6. Tell that person their username and password (they can change their password if they want later)

If you need to grant sysop privileges to a new user (not recommended for students), you will need to have Bureaucrat privileges (see User List). Do the following:

  1. Log in with your Bureaucrat-capable username
  2. Goto User Rights
  3. Type in the username of the user.
  4. In the "Available Groups" list, highlight "sysop"
  5. Click "Save Groups"


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