Getting Started with PIC32

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This page details getting started with the PIC32 board. It discusses what software needs to be installed on your computer.


This section discusses the software that must be installed on your computer. This software is only compatible with Windows. We are going to install MPLAB (software used for editing, compiling, and debugging code), the C32 compiler (software to create the program) and the Microchip Applications Library (common source files for programming).

1. Download and Install MPLAB IDE vX.XX Full Release Zipped Installation located near the bottom of this page.

2. Download and Install MPLAB C Compiler for PIC32 vX.XX Academic Version located near the bottom of this page (the academic version is free)

3. Download and Install the Microchip Applications Library here. This zip file is the library version released on 11-18-2009. More recent versions can be downloaded here but the files may not work with the code listed on the wiki. Extract this folder to C:/Program Files/Microchip (the Microchip folder will be created when you install MPLAB).


This section gives an overview of a bootloader that will be installed on the PIC32 microcontroller.

A bootloader is a program that enables you to easily install programs on the PIC32 using only a USB cable. Normally, an external programmer is needed for programming the PIC.

See Programming HID Bootloader on PIC32 for directions on how to install a bootloader on your PIC.

First Program

We are first going to test that you installed the bootloader correctly. - Download this HelloWorld hex file. (This code flashes all of the LEDs at a 1 second period) - Use [[Directions to Load Files to PIC32 with HID Bootloader |these directions]] to load a Hex File with the bootloader.

Next, we are going to make a different Hello World program from scratch.

The directions here detail how to code and program Hello World on to the PIC32 using the HID Bootloader.

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