Basic Linear Circuits Review

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Common Measurements and Units

In the representations of measurements such as charge, voltage, current, and power, an uppercase letter (C, V, I, P) implies that it is constant, and a lowercase letter (c,v,i,p) implies that it is time-variant.

Coulomb (Charge)

The coulomb is the SI unit for charge.

Volt (Electric Poential)

The volt is a unit for the potential energy between two points. 1 volt is equal to 1 Joule per Coulomb (V=J/C). Current tends to flow from high voltage to low voltage.

Amp (Current)

The Amp is a unit for the current flowing through a conductor

Common Electrical Components

Symbols, Variables, and Units
symbol variable units
current source File:Current source symbol.jpg I Ampere (A)
voltage source File:Voltage source round symbol.jpg or File:Voltage source batt symbol.jpg V Volt (V)
resistor File:Resistor symbol.jpg R Ohm (Ω)
capacitor File:Capacitor symbol.jpg or File:Capacitor polarized symbol.jpg (polarized) C Farad (F)
Inductor File:Inductor symbol.jpg L Henry (H)
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