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Spring Quarter 2014


Course Summary

Mechanics of robotic manipulation, computer representations and algorithms for manipulation planning, and applications to industrial automation, parts feeding, grasping, fixturing, and assembly.


Grading for the course will be based on student lectures, problem sets and a final project. There will be no exams. The final project, due during finals week, will take the form of a conference paper analyzing a manipulation problem, building on another research paper, or implementing a simulation.

Course Text

"Introduction to Robotics: Mechanics, Planning, and Control," F. C. Park and K. M. Lynch. These course notes will be undergoing revision throughout the quarter; check the timestamp in the table of contents.

Summary of important equations.

Approximate Syllabus

Student videos are due at least 48 hours before the first class they will be used for.

Configuration Space

reading: Chapter 2

  • degrees of freedom, Grubler's formula, parameterizations, holonomic and nonholonomic constraints (classes 1-2)

Rigid-Body Motions (classes 3-6), through Fri April 11

reading: Chapter 3, but you may skim/skip 3.2.2, 3.2.4

  • rotation matrices, Euler angles, exponential coordinates, unit quaternions
  • angular velocities
  • rigid-body motions
  • spatial velocities

Forward Kinematics, through Wed April 16

reading: Chapter 4, but you may skim/skip 4.1 and 4.2.3

Velocity Kinematics and Statics, through Wed April 23

reading: Chapter 5

Inverse Kinematics, through Mon April 28

reading: Chapter 6, but you may skip 6.1

  • 2R example, numerical methods, and redundant open chains (classes 12-13)

Dynamics of Open Chains, through Wed May 7

reading: Chapter 8.1 and 8.2 on Lagrangian formulation, rest of the chapter on Newton-Euler and task space coords

Trajectory Generation, through Mon May 12

reading: Chapter 9, but you may skip 9.2 and 9.3

Motion Planning, through Wed May 21

reading: Chapter 10 through 10.5.1

  • grid methods and the RRT sampling method (classes 22-23)

Robot Control

optional: Chapter 11

Grasping and Manipulation, through Fri June 6

reading: Chapter 12

  • contact kinematics, planar graphical methods, and form closure (classes 24-25)


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