Directions for Starting New MPLAB Project

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  • Open MPLAB IDE.

  • Choose Configure>Select Device. In the Device dialog, select the PIC you are using from the list if it’s not already selected. The lights show which software is supported for that PIC.
MPLAB DeviceConfigure.bmp

  • Choose Project>Project Wizard. Click Next
MPLAB ProjectWizardStart.bmp

  • Select the device from the drop down menu. Click Next
MPLAB ProjectWizardDevice.bmp

  • Select the Microchip PIC32 C-Compiler Toolsuite from the drop down menu. Click Next
MPLAB ProjectWizardToolsuite.bmp

  • Create a new project in the folder where you want the project and c files to be stored. Click Next
MPLAB ProjectWizardNewProject.bmp

  • Add the c files (if you already have some) in the folder to your project. Click Next
MPLAB ProjectWizardAddFiles.bmp

  • Click Finish
MPLAB ProjectWizardFinish.bmp

The project has now been created. It will not compile because it does not know where the common header files of the Microchip Framework are located.

  • Choose Project>Build Options>Project.
  • In the directories tab, choose the Include Search Path.
  • Add a New path - Browse to find the include folder (<Installation Folder> \pic32_solutions\Microchip\Include)
  • Add a New path - type a period '.' (this will search the project folder)
  • Click Apply and then OK
MPLAB IncludeSearchPath.bmp

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